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I've been writing since I was two years old. Most of my work has been dark fantasy or horror. My first novel, Singing and Then, is out of print. My short story "Shadows on the Pews" was published in Volume I of Hell in the Heartland and received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best Horror, Volume I. My short story "Inner Potential" (now available here) was published in Midnight Street Magaizine.

I have a BA in English and Philosophy, and an MA in Psychology. The longer I've worked in the field of psychology, the more fascinated I've become with the darker side of the mind. I don't believe I could be happy working in forensic psychology, but I find it very compelling. This inspired me to write The Darling Killer Trilogy.

The fastest way to my heart is through your stomach. I love to cook for loved ones, eat with loved ones, and go to new restaurants. I'm not vegetarian, yet people consistently say "You're vegetarian, right?"

The things I hear most about my appearance are "Your hair is really long," "You're very pale," and "I thought you'd be taller."

I love music, yoga, words, food, films, big rhinestones, the color red, and coffee. I'm a big geek and lapsed goth. I'm Saivite and also pagan. I love red and I love big rhinestones. I like to sew and make things. I always intend to do my nails and forget. My first language is hyperbole. I have several tattoos, including a full-back piece of Siva, the pi symbol on my left hip, and Yoga Sutra 1:14 with a stylized Ganesha on my right arm. I'm loyal, flippant, analytical, complicated, blunt, a Leo, compassionate, anxiety-prone, reluctant to sleep, determined, independent, creative, loving, scared of deep water, sometimes afraid of the dark, existential, philosophical, irritable, mostly harmless, vicious when cornered, protective, obsessive, organized, auditory, affectionate, silly, disciplined, compulsively busy, curious, and working on it.

I live in Chicago with my husband and our three intermittently grateful cats. If you don't like cats, you probably won't like me.

Email me at nikki @ nikkimpill dot com

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